You can earn great money as a nutritionist.

And you don't have to be pushy or have a business background to do it.

Here’s the deal

Starting, growing, and running a thriving nutrition
practice can be overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve been there.

When I first graduated, I had a fire in my belly like never before. I couldn’t wait to get out there and change people’s lives with what I’d learned. I thought I’d figure out the business part as I went – how hard could it be?? I was a business consultant for chrissakes.

Boy, was I in for a shock.

Within a few months my bank account was in a desperate place and my confidence was in the toilet. I came this close to quitting.

After weeks of crying myself to sleep, I woke up one day determined to make it work. I went back to the books and found a system that I adapted to our work as nutritionists. To my delight and relief: it WORKED!

Here’s what I learned

With the right toolkit and system, a dose of dedication,
and a real love for this work, any thoughtful and committed
nutritionist can make great money. That means YOU.

Let’s face it, you can be the best nutritionist out there, but if you don’t have the business skills to bring in new clients and real income, then you’re not helping anyone: yourself or your clients.

In the NTP Business Class, I share exactly what I did to go from barely paying my bills to a solid 6-figure business.

I will show you how to bring in a steady stream of long-term clients, and grow your business in a way that’s authentic, not salesy, and, most importantly, that works!

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Here’s what I hear a lot

“I love working with clients, but I have NO idea how to get more of them.”

“Marketing freaks me out.”

“All the busywork of running my practice is killing me. I just want a system that works so I can focus on what I do best: working with clients.”

And here’s one that absolutely breaks my heart:

“I can’t do this. I just don’t have the business savvy to make it work.”

I want to cry when I hear these things.

Is growing a nutrition practice hard work? You bet! But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

I’ve seen practitioners with zero business skills follow my process and – to their amazement and delight – FILL their practice before even finishing the class!

Thank you so much for putting this class together! We aren’t even half way through, and I’ve learned so much! It’s worth every penny! I only wish I had realized the impact it could have on my business sooner. I thought I could figure out the business stuff on my own after school. I’m organized, and a go-getter. I persevere until I get what I want, but I wasn’t getting there. I am so excited now! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wisdom and lessening our learning curve on being an NTP!

~Aypril Porter, NTP RWP

A little background

I created the NTP Business Class at the request of Sheree, a fellow practitioner who saw the success I had in my practice and wanted the same for herself. We started one-on-one coaching, but Sheree wasn’t satisfied.

“You need to turn this into a class” she said. So I did.

I had no intention of this becoming a “thing”, but people liked it and got great results so I’ve been teaching it ever since.

Last year, I decided to retire the program (I won’t bore you with the details) and did one last class – giving it EVERYTHING I’ve got.

The response was incredible and many of you asked for a DIY version.

And so…

this, my friend, is that last class.

It’s here in a ready-when-you-are DIY format,
with all the templates, tools, personal stories,
and extras that you need to grow a
wildly successful nutrition practice.

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I signed up my first two package deals! I can relax now and I feel like I can finally really help people and make a living for the first time since graduating in June of 2014!!! I have you and your class to thank! I am so excited!!

~Jackie Corn, NTP

Is this program for you? It is if:

This class is NOT for you if:

  • You want a magic pill – that effortless solution that doesn’t require a lick of work.
  • You don’t really care about business results.
  • You feel totally satisfied with your practice, your clients, and the income you’re earning.You go girl!

I implemented your suggestions right away and what a difference it made! I’ve enjoyed your class immensely and have learned more than I possibly imagined. Thank you so much!

~Caroline Fogg, NTP

Look: I’ve been where you are,
I know the challenges and heartaches of this business,
and I know how to overcome them.

Can youfigure it all out on your own?

Maybe. But wouldn’t it be a lot easier to have someone who’s been exactly where you are teach you what really works so you can just start earning?

My business has been going really well since your class. I am getting a higher income/caliber client and loving the new challenges. Thank you!

~Ellen Syversen, MPH, CHES, NTP

What You’ll Learn

I was listening to the Q&A recording today and thinking how I’d like to go back and just start at the beginning of the course again because the content is just so good and so valuable. Right now I have more clients than I’ve ever had and all of them are on packages, in no small part due to what I’ve learned from you. Thank-you!

~Peter Wright, NTP CGP

Here is my promise to you:

I give you EVERYTHING I’ve got in this class.
I open the proverbial kimono and share all the tools,
processes, and strategies I’ve used over the years to
grow a successful six-figure business.

What You’ll get – The nuts & bolts

15 hours of

13 Modules
of content
with handouts,
and done-for-you

Q&A calls

with lots of bonus
information from
the final (and best!)
round of the
live business class

Bonus interviews
from guest experts on
corporate wellness,
group coaching,
cooking for clients,
& getting published

Exclusive access to special offers from other NTP-specific providers such as Get At The Roots, RESTART, Fortis Corporate Wellness, Restorative Wellness Solutions, and Nutri-Alliance.

Lifetime access
course materials

Course COST


(or two easy monthly payments of $265)

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Course Curriculum


goal-setting, and
business basics


The business model


Pricing, paperwork,
and structuring work
with your clients


Marketing basics
(+ special guest speaker)


Online marketing
Part 1: The essentials


Online marketing
Part 2 & 3:
blogging and
social marketing


Online marketing
wrap up and
print marketing


referrals, and


Speaking engagements,
workshops, and
conference booths


Your custom
marketing plan




Bonus materials:
Group coaching,
Corporate wellness,
Cooking for your clients,
Writing and Publishing
a book


Pulling it all together into a business plan

The world needs you

This country is full of people getting sicker by the day, and they desperately need your help. There’s more than enough business to keep us all busy for lifetimes.

Let me help you help tons of people and make a great living in the process.

Meet your instructor


I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2008 after a very successful career as a business coach and strategy consultant. I started practicing immediately and quickly grew my practice to work with clients all over North America and Europe. I wrote the book Eat Naked, published in 2011, and co-authored its follow-up cookbook, The Naked Foods Cookbook, published in 2012, with my hubby, Chef James Barry.

With my background as a business coach and my experience growing a very successful NTP practice, I began receiving requests to mentor other NTPs in their businesses – and so I created the NTP Business Class in response. In addition to my private nutrition practice, I blog regularly at, speak nation-wide about food and health, and teach with the Restorative Wellness Solutions functional nutrition program. I’m passionate about this work and I love supporting other practitioners to create the business of their dreams.